Guide To Finding The Best Window Washers

Guide To Finding The Best Window Washers
Some people barely think twice about choosing the best window washers. They simply hire the first one that comes along. But, this can often be a costly mistake.

Commercial window washing is an important job. There are many reasons why you should make the effort to the right company to provide the best services.

Here are some tips that should help guide you when choosing window washers for your business.

Do Research For The Best Window Washers

The easiest way to find window washers who have the best experience is do research online. It pretty easy to find a list of window washers. But, take it a step further and visit their websites.

Do they provide information on their qualifications and methods? Do you get the feeling that they really care? Do they inspire you with confidence in their abilities?

Ask Other People and Businesses

Sometimes, the best resume is what you get from word of mouth. So, find out what other businesses in your area think about a specific window washing company. Good window washers always leave a good impression.

If they have a website, do they provide reviews from existing customers? If they don’t, ask yourself why not? Ask anyone who has used West Coast Window Washers and we are confident we will receive their recommendation.

Health & Safety Compliance

It’s crucial to choose a company that complies fully with health and safety regulations. If you fail to do so, your business could be liable if anything goes wrong. It’s ok to ask your window cleaners for copies fo their public liability insurance and healthy & safety policy.

What Method Of Window Washing Do They Use?

Not every window cleaning company offer a full range of window cleaning services. And if they do, make sure you know their qualifications. Especially for elevated platforms and rope access.

Also, can they provide additional services? Perhaps you also need canopies and atriums cleaned. Or your gutters cleaned out. At West Coast Window Washing we offer these services and more.

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