Advantages of Using Pure Water Window Cleaning

Advantages of Using Pure Water Window Cleaning
Does pure water window cleaning sound a bit far fetch? How is it possible that using only water and no soap can clean windows?

Well, you’ll find the answers in this article.

How Pure Water Window Cleaning Works

Initially, the windows and frames are scrubbed with a wet brush to loosen dirt. Then, they are rinsed with highly deionized water. The fact that the water is pure, it leaves no streaks when it dries. It’s akin to the ‘spot-free rinse’ at the drive-thru car wash, times 100.

Pure water such as rain water has no total dissolved solids. Of course, this depends on the level of pollution where you live. Purified water is also ideal for taking showers and cleaning clothes. Also, many people prefer to bathe their infants in purified water as well as mix baby formula.


This filtration process does not remove organisms, virus, or any bacteria that are smaller than a human hair. Don’t assume the water has been purified enough to keep you or your children from being sick. The water is only free of metals, minerals and some chemicals that are in the water from being treated or picking up from pipes along the way.

The purified water moves through the hose to a water fed pole delivery system. It travels up the pole, and to a brush.

The pure water window cleaning takes places by loosening the dirt on the glass. The water acts as the solvent to break the bond between the dirt and the glass. Then, after the glass is clean, it’s given a rinse to remove the remaining contaminants.

Pure Water Window Washing Delivery Systems

The delivery systems vary that many professional window cleaning companies use. Many companies custom design their own based on the types of buildings they service the most. Most USA window washing companies use portable water tanks. These tanks can carry as little as 50 gallons, or as much as 275 gallons of water. The purified water is pumped through the water fed pole to the window.

The type of system used depends on the application it wit be used for.

For example: some buildings have limited access due to how the structure was built. Or the proximity of one building to another can prevent the use of a ladder or lift. On most buildings with high access, using pure water window cleaning pole system is the most cost effective method.

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