The ‘Reach & Wash’ Pole System Window Cleaning Method

The 'Reach & Wash' Pole System Window Cleaning Method
For many, window cleaning is associated with the traditional image of soapy water, cloth and squeegee. Plus, if the windows are more than one-story high, a ladder is used.

However, this may be ok at ground level and first floor. But, anything higher than that is not a good idea as it puts the window cleaner at risk of accidents.

Therefore, the best method for higher windows is not the ladder but the ‘Reach & Wash’ pole window cleaning system. The ‘Reach & Wash’ poll system allows the windows to be cleaned from the safety of the ground.

Deionized water is pumped up through a long telescopic pole. A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the panes. Then, jets of pure water are used to rinse the window. The deionized water has no impurities. This pure water allows the windows to dry spot-free, leaving no marks behind.

Why The ‘Reach & Wash’ System is the Best Window Washing Method

There are some limitations to the effectiveness of this method. Well, there aren’t really limitations per se. It’s just that if the windows are caked with dirt and grime, it will take a few sessions before all the dirt is removed.

On the other hand, the soapy bucket and squeegee method would get it cleaned in one session.

However, though the latter may appear to be more effective, the safety of the window cleaner should never be comprised. So, the ‘Reach & Wash’ pole window cleaning system will always be the best method to get those windows cleaned. And, this is even if it means doing it a few times to get all the dirt removed.

Water Fed Pole Systems for Professional Window Cleaning

At West Coast Window Washing, we avoid dangerous ladders with our high access ‘Reach & Wash’ water fed pole system. With this pure water window cleaning method, we safely clean upper-story windows from ground level.

Most water fed pole systems can reach up to three stories. This means we can save time and money with less set up for scaffolds. We know you don’t love the look of scaffolds on your building during business hours. So we’ve invested in the water fed pole system to decrease the need for unsightly equipment. Plus, there is no need for lift rental at these lower heights. The system is light-weight, quick, and easy to assemble. Your commercial window cleaning will not be a long drawn out process anymore, saving you vast amounts of money.

Our customer service will send a supervisor to your facility to discuss with you all of your commercial window cleaning options. You will have a quote and a cleaning plan set up before any work is started. Remember, West Coast Window Washing San Diego has got you covered no matter what your window cleaning needs!

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