Exterior Building Maintenance Plan: Always Present a Professional Appearance

Having an exterior building maintenance plan is not only important for yourself, but for your business as well. Whether that’s a shop storefront or an office building. But, sometimes it can be difficult to keep everything clean.

The dust, window and the rain in addition to fingerprints, all take a toll on the cleanliness of your windows. Our professional window washing services will keep your windows gleaming!

Tasks like window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning all help keep your business look great. Adding landscaping to that, your exterior building maintenance plan can help attract potential customers.

Plus, beyond the aesthetic benefits of regular cleaning, proper maintenance also reduces the need for costly repairs. A clogged gutter can have a ripple effect on your premises. In addition to causing significant water damage to your building, it damages your landscaping. Including regular gutter cleanings in your exterior building maintenance plan reduces the risk and saves money over time.

What Should Be Included in Your Exterior Building Maintenance Plan?

Many of our customers often ask that question. Basically, they want to know how often to schedule window cleaning and pressure washing. Keeping your building maintenance on a schedule ensures nothing every gets missed.

Unlike residential properties, commercial properties have a long list of exterior maintenance needs. However, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, we’ll nail it down to a major areas to consider, including:

Windows Maintenance Needs

Regular window cleaning prevent hair stains from setting into your glass. Depending on your location, monthly or quarterly exterior window cleaning may be necessary. But definitely make sure you have a yearly check-up for your windows. It’s a great preventative step for identifying failing weather stripping, seals and other window issues.

Exterior Siding

Whether you have concrete, aluminum or wood, it’s paramount to keep a close eye on it. No, you don’t have to run out and check your building’s exterior every day. But, maintenance like yearly pressure washing helps prevent algae and mold from building up. Also, check for paint chipping and cracking to ascertain if your concrete paneling is in good shape.

Driveways, Sidewalks and Decking

These three areas tend to collect dirt and grime throughout the year as they are constantly used. Therefore, annual pressure washing is recommended to prevent hard stains from settling in. And if you’re in Northern California or the mountains, salting driveways and sidewalks is important during winter. Then in spring, have these areas pressure washed to fully wash away the salt and prevent corrosion.


There are few things worse or more costly than a leaky roof. The pooling water, leaks and holes can lead to expensive water damage repairs. This is why regular roof inspections are a must. Essentially, inspecting your roof bi-annually as well as after major storms is ideal. To extend your roof’s performance, scheduled cleaning can prevent algae and mold growth.


Clean gutters are essential for preventing runoff from pooling which eventually can cause water damage. Clogged roof drains and gutters leads to pooled water that runs off into landscaping. Oftentimes, the water also seeps into siding. Regular cleaning is necessary to remove debris. We also recommend an annual check-up for loose gutters and leaks.

Running a business is a full time job. So, you might need to outsource some tasks. Working with an exterior cleaning company such as West Coast Window Washing can help you stay ahead of tasks. We can create an exterior building maintenance plan specific to your business needs. Call us today at (858) 213-5736 or request a free estimate online.