Why Windows Are Dirty After It Rains

Why Windows Are Dirty After It Rains
While during the summer months it’s virtually rainless in San Diego, we do get rain in winter months. Which begs the question, why are windows dirty after it rains?

And some customers are concerned when we show up to clean their windows on a rainy day. So, we would like to dispel the myths about why windows are dirty after it rains. Besides, we want our customers to be thrilled with our services, whether rain or shine.

Contrary to some myths, it is not the rain that makes windows dirty. In fact, many window cleaners will garner the power of rain water for window cleaning use. Actually, rainwater is pure, deionized and contains only minimal amounts of minerals and salts. This makes it an excellent solution for glass cleaner because it leaves no streaks.

Windows Dirty After It Rains

Rain does not make windows dirty, dirt does. In fact, rainwater helps to prevent dirt in the air from settling on your windows. Dirt on windows can come from tree pollen, leaf blowers and many other sources. And, when it settles on the glass, it is one uniform layer. However, you probably rarely notice this.

But, after it rains, the raindrops changes the pattern of the dirt. And the result is dirty looking windows.

Dirt from window frames and siding also makes windows dirty after it rains. When rain falls it will make the dirt from your window frames or siding run down onto the windows. Oftentimes, this is the main cause of dirty windows.

Most window cleaners usually just clean your windows. But, West Coast Window Washing services includes cleaning your window frames. We also offer a great soft wash service to ensure your siding won’t ruin your clean windows.

Bottom line, rainwater will not make your clean windows dirty. Cleaning windows in the rain is as effective as it is on a sunny day. However, your windows will inevitably get dirty over time. The key to making sure they stay clean longer is getting them cleaned regularly. Book your next appointment online, or give us a call at (858) 213-5736.

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