Why You Should Clean Your Windows

Why You Should Clean Your Windows
People often judge others by what your home looks like. The old adage, ‘your home is a reflection of who you are’ is true. So, what is the impression you want your home to give people? That you are hardworking? Your home must be nicely decorated inside?

The exterior of your home says a lot about what you care about and other things. A well-kept home says that you care about your investment. Therefore, you’re interested in the overall reputation of your neighborhood.

Actually, when people see that your windows are dirty, they may conclude that the interior must be too.

Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning your windows is a necessary part of your home aesthetics. However, the aesthetic appeal is only one reason why you should clean your windows.

Your windows allow natural light to come into your home. And, since life relies on light, let’s get that light shining!

According to several studies, lighting helps people feel happier, be more productive and calmer. Additionally, it can also modulate disorders such as seasonal affective disorder. And, let’s not forget the positive effective on your home energy bill. Natural light can reduce the energy costs of homes up to a whopping 75% – wow! Ready to let the sunshine in yet and stop letting it get blocked by dirty windows?

There are other reasons why you should regularly clean your windows too?

An important reason for cleaning your windows is because it extends the life of the glass. Unfortunately, if windows are left uncleaned, over time it causes unseen damage. And, long-term dirt and sludge will imprint itself into the glass.

These ingrained dust, sludge, debris and grime can oftentimes cause stains and scratches in your glass.

Your window frames gather and hold dirt. This can make your windows look really gnarly. Keeping the window frames clean really complements clear, clean window glass. But, there’s another reason to clean your window frames.

When you open the window, whether it’s a breezy day or not – where does the dirt go? Yep, you guessed it. Right into your home. On that beautiful white couch and other elegantly placed furniture.

And, depending on the season, there are insects, vehicle exhaust, and all kinds of things that settle on your window frames. Then, when it rains, all that scum ends up on your windows.

Trustingly, you didn’t just clean your windows without also cleaning the frames. Clean frames adds the finishing touch to your clean windows. They are a duo project.


In conclusion, regularly cleaning your windows is an important aspect of home maintenance. Don’t have the time or tools to do it yourself? No problem, give West Coast Window Washing San Diego a call. Our prices are very reasonable. You won’t even have to budget for it! Call us today at (858) 213-5736 or get a free estimate online.