5 Ways To Protect Your Residential Windows

5 Ways To Protect Your Residential Windows
Thank you for trusting West Coast Window Washing to protect your residential windows. And to keep them clean! Windows are one of the most valuable parts of every home. And rightfully so. With proper care, the longevity of your windows will increase dramatically.

This article is especially for homeowners. We know that you care for your home, and so do we.

Here are 5 Ways To Protect Your Residential Windows Investment

We appreciate your interest in the professional window washing services we offer. So, we want to help you protect your resident windows investment.


A common and costly mistake I see is window glass scratched from improper razor blade use. To remove decals, tape and paint…

Window glass MUST be lubricated with soapy water BEFORE using a razor.

Typically, most glass cleaning professionals use soap and water to lubricate glass. This helps minimize the occurrence of scratches. It’s also important to note that razor blades cannot be used on treated glass surfaces. These include tinted or mirrored window glass. Special care must also be taken when working on tempered glass. Tempered glass is strengthened and commonly used indoors and other high-impact areas.

  Only use a professional grade glass scraper
  Start each project with a new blade
  Replace blade when marred or dull from use
  Use professional quality scrappers for glass cleaning
  Do a razor test on the glass before scraping the entire surface


As mentioned above, window glass can become permanently stained from hard water. But did you know that all these factors can cause permanent damage to glass? And, it can make glass cleaning with detergents impossible.

Window glass is porous. Its surface is filled with ‘peaks and valleys’. These valleys easily capture and trap airborne debris that will diminish glass.

To protect your resident windows investment, we recommend no less that 2 window cleanings per year.

Clean glass also helps the ‘R-Value’ of thermal paned windows. The R-Value is a measure of resistance to heat gain or loss. Regardless of your glass type, a clean window allows the glass to better regulate the effects of exterior weather.

In other words, it can produce greater efficiency and REDUCE your monthly heating and cooling costs!

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