Tips For Cleaning Your Concrete Surfaces

Tips For Cleaning Your Concrete Surfaces
Periodically cleaning your concrete surfaces will increase the service longevity. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell when concrete needs cleaning due to the dirt and grime that builds up so slowly. But, once you clean it, you can immediately see the freshly cleaned results.

Depending on the type of surface, there are several ways to clean concrete. Driveways, countertops, exterior slabs – each necessitate a different procedure. And care should be taken while cleaning your concrete surfaces to avoid damage. This is especially true of floors and countertops.

Shop entrances, residential driveways, and other concrete surfaces can become a slipping hazard to users if left untreated. The best process for cleaning your concrete surfaces is with an industrial pressure water blaster. And, preferably a hot water system.

Using hot water in the pressure water blasting improves the effectiveness significantly. A professional hot water blasting system can generate steaming hot water up to 90 C at 3000 psi. Plus, it can blast out over 8 gallons per minute!

When cleaning your concrete surfaces using a water blaster, the narrow jet can cause an uneven application. Consequently, this can cause an undesirable finish. Professionals use a specialized accessory called an Whirlaway. It’s designed to increase productivity by cleaning larger areas at once. But more importantly, it does a fantastic job of evenly distributing the water.

Two nozzles spin rapidly within the Whirlaway’s housing applying the water close to the ground. It penetrates the pores of the surface giving it a deep, fresh clean. This method of cleaning your concrete surfaces is great for cleaning:

  Residential driveways
  Parking garage
  Large decks
  Commercial driveways
  Shop entrances
  Sport surfaces
  Workshop floors

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