Winter Pressure Washing San Diego

Winter Pressure Washing San Diego
It’s important to keep the outside of your building look its best all year round. And our winter pressure washing San Diego can help you do just that.

Since the weather is unpredictable in winter, there can be more debris surrounding your building.

In some areas of the county, there’s a constant level of dampness. This can actually cause damage to your building and outside area.

Winter pressure washing San Diego can help remove mold from your buildings during this cool season. Mole is a form of fungi and there are literally thousands of species. All mold types derive their energy from the organic matter where they live. This includes food particles that were dropped and leaves that have been blown onto your property. Mold will start forming from any organic element.

Winter Pressure Washing San Diego

Mold on or in your building can be extremely damaging. Not only is it bad for your body’s health, it’s also bad for your building’s health. In the winter months where the level of dampness is higher, all manner of debris is easily transported. It comes from vehicle tires, the soles of shoes, etc.

When the debris is deposited onto a surface and the mold is afforded the time to start growing, this is when the problems can start. Initially, it can grow very quickly and appear unsightly to the eye. This is what people frequenting your building will see.

And if the mold is not removed properly and regularly, it can actually discolor your building’s surfaces. If left untreated on concrete surfaces, you may have to replace or resurface the affected area.

Pressure washing in winter will keep the mold from growing and settling into the surfaces. Thus, keeping it from discoloring pathways and other outdoor surfaces.

The pressure washing will loosen and remove particles, keeping the outside of your building in pristine condition. Additionally, the pressure washing will reduce risk to pedestrians as the area will be clean and free from debris.

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